Compazz stems from a previous foundation, INSID (Institute for Sustainability, Innovation and Development), which was founded in 2007 by HRH Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme. He aimed to use the rapidly growing focus on sustainability with an already substantial network to support distinctive new and existing sustainability developments. In the years that followed, Prince Carlos and INSID played a decisive role in:

Creation of “Planet First”, the sustainability manifesto of the National Postcode Lottery, which provides guidelines for all NPL beneficiaries.

Initiation and realization of the National Energy Agreement. In 2013, the Netherlands took an important step towards a clean future. More than forty organizations, including the government, employers, trade unions, nature and environmental organizations, social organizations and financial institutions, then committed themselves to the Energy Agreement for sustainable growth. The core of the agreement is widely supported agreements on energy saving, clean technology and climate policy. Implementation of the agreements must result in an affordable and clean energy supply, employment and opportunities for the Netherlands in the clean technology markets.

Initiation and realization of the campaign ‘The Netherlands as a Circular Hotspot’ (NLCH), which is intended to promote Dutch innovations in the field of circular economy abroad in a joint effort by the national government, the Dutch business community, non-profit organizations and knowledge institutes. to draw attention. During the Dutch EU Presidency (first half of 2016), NLCH was brought to the attention of various events, including a joint presentation with Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Prince Carlos led an incoming trade mission of 140 foreign visitors from 20 countries.

Prince Carlos has become a much sought-after speaker at congresses and symposia and, as a sustainability expert, has a number of advisory or management positions at social organizations, such as MVONederland, Koninklijke Nederlandse Heidemaatschappij, ASN Bank, De Groene Zaak, The Ex’tax Project Foundation and the Greenpeace Questionmark initiative.

From INSID to Compazz

The network and experience of the INSID foundation has expanded considerably through its involvement in a number of leading sustainability developments in the past ten years. In addition, the efforts and expertise have focused more emphatically on the role of connector and bridge builder in the transition to a circular and inclusive economy and society. The new Compazz foundation further expands that role, both nationally and internationally.